AAP Candidate for Assembly Election - 2018

B R Bhaskar Prasad: Mahadevapura Constituency, Karnataka

B R Bhaskar Prasad

B R Bhaskar Prasad's Profile

Activist & Community Leader, Writer, Journalist


•  Dipl Elect Engineering, Dipl Performing Arts


•  Business of Arts & Graphics studio, Security Services

•  Journalist: Chief Editor, News 91 Channel; Chief Editor, Bangalore Sele (Kannada Fortnightly)


•  Founder and State president of Karnataka Dalitha Sangatanegala Okkuta

•  State president of Babasaheb Service Force

•  State Convenor of Dalitha Damanithara Swabhimani Horata Samithi.


•  Led ‘Chalo Udupi’  for demanding food and Land Rights

•  Led Chalo Bijapur, Chalo Tumkur, Chalo Gudibande, against the Atrocities on Daliths

•  Main role in Chalo Diddalli & Chalo Bangalore for the rights of “Nomads & Tribes.”


B R Bhaskar Prasad's Response on the Charges filed against him:

"The charges filed against me are yet another example of what the established system will do to ordinary citizens who try to raise their voice.

Look at the sections used - they are all charges made for protesting. I don’t blame the police because they have their orders and the pressures. But you can go across the country and you will find the same sections used when they want to kill our voices.

Have I ever assaulted any one? No, yet they have brought a charge under section 506 and 353 - causing life threat and assaulting an officer. In a protest - the assault is on the protesters - the threat to life is on the protesters. I have never assaulted any person - officer, civilian or even any animal! They have brought charges under 144 for unlawful gathering with weapons - what weapons do have other than my words and voice? The brooms and sticks we use to carry placards & flags ... are those are weapons??? They have brought a charge against me under section 143 for unlawful gathering. In whose eyes is it unlawful when we gather to raise our voice as a group because no one will
listen to us individually? I ask you as a group to get permission to protest against the establishment or the powerful and see if you get permission. Will that stop you from raising your voice? If Gandhiji has stopped to get permission to protest would we have got our independence? In a democracy what is the meaning of this section? Other than having to inform about our intention to protest so that there is no problem to the public why should our right be taken away by these procedural formalities? Because we want to be heard today I have a list of charges against me. Because I choose to exercise by rights in a peaceful manner but loudly today I have to answer these questions and face the obstacles put in my way - so that the public attention is taken away from what we are trying to say. 
But these are not situations that frighten me. I have given up everything to fight for what I and we as a party believe in and for that I am ready to face these charges and anything else that might be used to stop me. My fight is for justice and my conscience is clean.

I have not earned any money for my livelihood through unlawful acts. Being an Electrical Engineer, Diploma holder in performing Arts. As the owner of Ananya Security and Services, I gave employment to thousands of people, and earned in lakhs through the Company. I have now closed the Company just for the reason to give something to the society and jumped into active politics to help the downtrodden. I am an educated person, a writer, and a fighter for good. I have sacrificed my personal life and enjoyment for the sake of housing, land, minimum wage, life security, food, education and employment for Adivasi, Nomadic and tribal people and I have found more satisfaction in my life by this. I am living proudly because I am in a position to wipe the tears of the innocents and the people in distress. I am fighting day and night for the protection of women and children neglecting my own life. And I will be here to help people who suffer from pain, shame or injustice. I just spend four days in a month with my family and rest of the days I will be helping the sufferers. I am happy doing this. I have found the happiness of my life in the smiles of innocents for whom I have fought and got success in my fight. That happiness is heaven to me. I didn’t expect anything from anybody except the happiness in the faces of innocent downtrodden and I do never except anything else. I have not done any sin and will not do also.

I can’t tell anything more. I pray that such a situation to justify myself should never come in my life again. I request for blessings from all of you. Kindly bless me for my success in the responsible task that the Aam Aadmi Party has assigned to me. Kindly do not let down the faith that the party has kept on me. Kindly understand me.

Thank you,
At your service always

Mahadevapura Assembly Constituency
Aam Aadmi Party
Phone No.: 9844574724