Shefali Misra - Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, LS - 2014 Candidate

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Shefali Misra's Profile

Shefali Misra, 39, left a lucrative career as a UN International civil servant to conduct development work in Sitapur. Shefali, who has studied social work and social policy at Delhi University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and London School of Economics, said, “There are many issues in Sitapur, with poor delivery of services being the major one.” She has extensive experience as a visionary, team leader, advisor and a professional. Shefali has ancestral roots in Sitapur, and cares deeply about its progress.

Professional / Political Profile

Shefali will aim to deliver good, clean developments in Sitapur by making sure that the system works like it is supposed to. She will serve to improve the economic outlook, better health and education, as well as ensure that both women and the youth have better opportunities.

Shefali wants to achieve true ‘Swaraj’ and in doing so, become a powerful instrument of change in politics. Shefali says "The party is different from all other parties - it is a political movement that wants to create a just and free society in which development works for all. When we are elected, we are not going to become Kings or VIPs. We will give you the right to recall us from the very posts you elected us to, and choose someone else. We are nothing, if we cannot serve you. "

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